Automatic Forex Trading

As you may have for the most powerful Automated Forex Trading system exists today. This is Red Hot, and I know that you not only love, but if you use it correctly, you will benefit too!

    There has been a growing interest in Forex trading programs, starting with the introduction of automated systems has become common and affordable. Although this game was a financial tycoons, banks and other large shareholders in these days, even small and mid-level investors vtyanetsya taking it. This is a market where trading currency of a country on the other. Trillions of dollars are traded every day without stopping, making it the largest and most active financial markets in the world.

      Today, when Forex trading is a relatively simple with the advent of the Internet and high technology, all connections to the Internet, computer software-Forex trading accounts, and some knowledge of the mediation can effectively address this. This market is wide open around the clock, so if you want to keep updated of events happening inside you should be able to monitor it. Such automated systems can actually help you not only with the choice of currency before any purchase, but we ask and the sales price participation. What investments are needed in small and facilitator for immediate operation.

     You do not need to be a professional make a profit from this agreement because the Forex automated systems of computer programs, taken care of all the work for you. Using the automated system used by the monitoring of accounts, the program handles all the details himself for you. This process can actually save a lot of time after the transaction will not be made automatically, but you systems. In contrast to the manual handling be automated program can help you manage more than one account simultaneously. These systems can operate in different markets, using multiple systems.

    At Forex programs that relate to the flexibility and ease that you can use if you can choose to trade any time, there is no physically. This means that you will not lose the opportunity to earn more money, even if you are not sitting in front of the computer. Different operating systems can be as uncomplicated and the transfer of a number of Forex charts. Each system is installed on some of the specific market situation, in order to maximize the benefits you with minimal risk.

   One of the most redeeming features of Forex software that should do it, that it ignores any human feelings at all, sometimes in the way of solutions, which should make logical. This allows you to manipulate and deal in different currencies at the same time.

   Use programs that have to do Forex does not absolve you from your duties with knowledge of the fundamentals of Forex Trading, market trend analysis, technical analysis, etc., if you want to make a continuous profit. Even with very sophisticated automated systems, it does not guarantee a profit from Forex market unsteady and irregular. You can install the software Forex lightly, as well as customize the settings according to your preferences.

Tips For Online Stock Trading

Placement of Limit Order against Market Order 

Online retailer has the opportunity to place a market or limit orders for buying and selling shares. A market order to the investor the opportunity to buy shares at market price. In the case of highly volatile stocks and IPOs, the price at which an investor of a contract and the price at which the contract is executed, an important role. It is then a limit order is assumed importance. A limit order is still far from the market. There are two types of orders: the purchase and sale of Limit Order Limit Order. A limit buy order determines the maximum price at which shares are purchased, while the limit sell order is the minimum price at which shares are sold in May A buy limit order is lower than the current market price, while sales of limit orders is higher than the market price. The advantage is that we never end the buying and selling land at exorbitant prices. The disadvantage is that our mission can not be performed.

Stop Order and market order

Online investor has the option to use a stop order. A stop order, the price of a stock bought and sold. There are two types of stop orders: Sell stop orders and stop orders to buy. A buy stop order to protect our assets in the case of sales. A sale of a bond and selling the stock. Consider the case if a trader has sold short shares of 100 U. S. dollar. If, after the sale of the share price to $ 80, the broker has a golden opportunity to purchase shares. In case the stock starts to appreciate again, the dealer may buy stop order at $ 85 (say). A stop loss order is used for our benefit in the event, we believe that prices fall in May after an increase in the near future. For example, if a purchased $ 80 and $ 95 value, we can stop a sell order at $ 90, if we think the share price in May in the future. Once the stop price is reached, the stop order is a market order.

Stop Limit Orders

A stop-limit order combines the features of a stop order and limit orders. A trader usually buys a stock if it considers that the price of the shares in the near future. A stop-limit for the purchase of a dealer to buy the shares, just before he began to appreciate. We assume that the market price is approximately $ 90th If a dealer with a stop order at $ 95 and a limit order at $ 97, shares will be purchased between $ 95 and $ 97 (both inclusive). This is an example of a decision of purchase orders.

Margin for Trading

Margin trading is a body of merchants online. An investor of a margin, you can buy debt securities by a certain amount of the brokerage firm. Securities as collateral for the loan. The investor is expected that a certain balance in his margin account. This is called the maintenance margin. For the price of security under the maintenance margin, the investor is obliged to fill the gap. Sometimes, the company may sell, without the security of investors. Therefore, please before other trading margins.

Online Trading Advantages

Trading online has many advantages. One of the advantages of shopping online is the ease with which transactions executed. The effect is immediate. Placement for the purchase and sale contracts are nominal. A system of linked accounts so that the investor's property. Portfolio Management is an easy task. The investor online tools easy to use. Many companies trading online to the customer direct access to brokers to help it invest in an appropriate manner. An operator has access to many markets and investments in foreign companies through the purchase of American Depository Receipts (ADR). The best feature of online trading is the ability to earn money while staying at home.

These features are available, about creating an account with an online broker. Some services require a fee. Although the decision on an online broker, it is desirable to ensure the services provided by intermediaries and to ensure that no hidden costs. In addition, an investor must understand the risks of online trading in shares. A conservative investor is one who enjoys the benefits for him, without his financial independence.

India Starts longer bull market that can last for another 15 years

Raging Indian Bull

March 25 (Bloomberg) -- India’s key stock index may be embarking on its second rally of a five-wave cycle that may help the benchmark surpass its earlier record high, according to technical analysis by Elliott Wave International Inc.
The Bombay Stock Exchange Sensitive Index may be breaking out from its downtrend line, Elliott Wave said in its Asian- Pacific Financial Forecast report. The index may be following the pattern of gains and losses set between 2003 and 2008, and may have already started on the next leg of a longer bull market that can last for another 15 years, the market forecaster said. “Prices in India’s Sensex have just broken above a downtrend line, imitating a pattern from 2004 that led a strong rally,” Elliott Wave International said in a report.
The Sensex rose 5.6 percent in the past two days, trimming the year’s loss to 1.8 percent, on optimism U.S. plans to rid banks of toxic assets will help ease the credit crisis and revive global economic growth. This five-wave cycle will include three rallies, with each peak exceeding the previous one. The first wave started with gains between April 2003 and January 2008, Elliot Wave said, while the bear market in the past year marked the second. The prediction of this rally, or the third wave, is based on a similar pattern of market movements within the first, the researcher said.
Elliott Wave Theory, created by U.S. market analyst Ralph Elliott in 1938, attempts to predict future price moves by dividing past trends into sections, or waves, and calculating changes in value. Gainesville, Georgia-based Elliott Wave International was founded by Robert Prechter, who was famous for cautioning investors that stocks would slump two weeks before the 1987 stock market crash.

BSE Settlement Calendar

October 2010
Settlement No.Sett.No.for Depository purposeTrading Dt.Entry of 6A/7A data by members.Confirmation of 6A/7A Data by custodians # & Issue of delivery, money statements etcPay-in/ Pay-out +No Delivery period For Physical scrips **Auction Sett.No. ++Submission of auctionoffers on ++AuctionPay-in(12 noon )/ Pay-out(1:30p.m.) ++
DR-131/2010-2011101113101/10/201001/10/201004/10/201005/10/201028/09/2010 to 15/10/2010RA-131/2010-201106/10/201007/10/2010
DR-132/2010-2011101113204/10/201004/10/201005/10/201006/10/201029/09/2010 to 16/10/2010RA-132/2010-201107/10/201008/10/2010
DR-133/2010-2011101113305/10/201005/10/201006/10/201007/10/201030/09/2010 to 17/10/2010RA-133/2010-201108/10/201011/10/2010
DR-134/2010-2011101113406/10/201006/10/201007/10/201008/10/201001/10/2010 to 18/10/2010RA-134/2010-201111/10/201012/10/2010
DR-135/2010-2011101113507/10/201007/10/201008/10/201011/10/201004/10/2010 to 21/10/2010RA-135/2010-201112/10/201013/10/2010
DR-136/2010-2011101113608/10/201008/10/201011/10/201012/10/201005/10/2010 to 22/10/2010RA-136/2010-201113/10/201014/10/2010
DR-137/2010-2011101113711/10/201011/10/201012/10/201013/10/201006/10/2010 to 23/10/2010RA-137/2010-201114/10/201015/10/2010
DR-138/2010-2011101113812/10/201012/10/201013/10/201014/10/201007/10/2010 to 24/10/2010RA-138/2010-201115/10/201018/10/2010
DR-139/2010-2011101113913/10/201013/10/201014/10/201015/10/201008/10/2010 to 25/10/2010RA-139/2010-201118/10/201019/10/2010
DR-140/2010-2011101114014/10/201014/10/201015/10/201018/10/201011/10/2010 to 28/10/2010RA-140/2010-201119/10/201020/10/2010
DR-141/2010-2011101114115/10/201015/10/201018/10/201019/10/201012/10/2010 to 29/10/2010RA-141/2010-201120/10/201021/10/2010
DR-142/2010-2011101114218/10/201018/10/201019/10/201020/10/201013/10/2010 to 30/10/2010RA-142/2010-201121/10/201022/10/2010
DR-143/2010-2011101114319/10/201019/10/201020/10/201021/10/201014/10/2010 to 31/10/2010RA-143/2010-201122/10/201025/10/2010
DR-144/2010-2011101114420/10/201020/10/201021/10/201022/10/201015/10/2010 to 01/11/2010RA-144/2010-201125/10/201026/10/2010
DR-145/2010-2011101114521/10/201021/10/201022/10/201025/10/201018/10/2010 to 04/11/2010RA-145/2010-201126/10/201027/10/2010
DR-146/2010-2011101114622/10/201022/10/201025/10/201026/10/201019/10/2010 to 05/11/2010RA-146/2010-201127/10/201028/10/2010
DR-147/2010-2011101114725/10/201025/10/201026/10/201027/10/201020/10/2010 to 06/11/2010RA-147/2010-201128/10/201029/10/2010
DR-148/2010-2011101114826/10/201026/10/201027/10/201028/10/201021/10/2010 to 07/11/2010RA-148/2010-201129/10/201001/11/2010
DR-149/2010-2011101114927/10/201027/10/201028/10/201029/10/201022/10/2010 to 08/11/2010RA-149/2010-201101/11/201002/11/2010
DR-150/2010-2011101115028/10/201028/10/201029/10/201001/11/201025/10/2010 to 11/11/2010RA-150/2010-201102/11/201003/11/2010
DR-151/2010-2011101115129/10/201029/10/201001/11/201002/11/201026/10/2010 to 12/11/2010RA-151/2010-201103/11/201004/11/2010

# 6A/7A entry can be edited by members upto 11 : 00 a.m. and 6A/7A data can be confirmed by custodians upto 1 :00 p.m. on T+1 day (Please refer Notice Nos. 20050914-19 and 20050919-25 dated September 14 and 19, 2005 respectively).
+ Pay-in at 11 a.m. Members to submit pay-in instructions to Depositories / banks latest by 10:40 a.m. Pay-out of funds and securities will be effected by 1:30p.m.

++ All shortages in C group and trade to trade segment (T, TS and Z group) will be directly closed out as at present and All shortages for scrips in which No-delivery period has been abolished will be directly closed out as mentioned in the Exchange Notice No.120718/2002 dated April 22,2002 

For details please refer the Exchange Notice No. 20030319-14 dated March 19, 2003, Notice No. 20030328-8 dated March 28, 2003. 

World Cup soccer's psychic octopus Paul dies in Germany

Paul (Octopus)

Paul, the oracle octopus who shot to fame in the World Cup this summer for his uncanny ability to predict the results of Germany's soccer matches, has died at his home in Oberhausen at the age of two.

English-born Paul made headlines across the globe after he correctly forecast how Germany would fare in seven matches, before his psychic powers were tested again for the final.

After Germany's semi-final defeat, Paul tipped Spain to beat the Netherlands in the final, which prompted one news agency to report he had spurred a jump in demand for Spanish government bonds. Paul's prediction duly came to pass: Spain won.

Staff at the Oberhausen Sea Life Centre in western Germany said in a statement they were "devastated" to learn of Paul's death when they returned to work on Tuesday.

"He appears to have passed away peacefully during the night, of natural causes, and we are consoled by the knowledge that he enjoyed a good life," said the centre's manager Stefan Porwoll.

Before matches, two containers of food were placed in the eight-legged creature's tank, each one bearing the flag of one of the teams about to compete for their chance to become world champions. The container Paul picked first was seen as his pick.

Bettors around the world made small fortunes based on Paul's uncanny picks, Graham Sharpe, media relations director at William Hill in London, one of Britain's largest bookmakers, told Reuters in July.

Sharpe said that anyone who had placed a 10-pound accumulator bet on Paul's picks from the start of the World Cup would have won 3,000 pounds ($4,500) by the end of the tournament.

Following the World Cup, a Spanish zoo made a transfer bid for Paul but his German keepers refused to sell. Some Germans called for a public grilling of the oracle octopus, prompting Sea Life to install extra security.

Paul will be kept in cold storage until the centre decides how to mark the mollusc's extraordinary life, Porwoll added.

"We may decide to give Paul his own small burial plot within our grounds and erect a modest permanent shrine," he said.

Paul, who was hatched in Weymouth, England, may yet continue to dazzle the world with predictions from beyond the grave.

The mystic mollusc officially retired from making predictions after the tournament but not before tipping England to win the bidding race for the 2018 World Cup.

A Russian newspaper also said in July that it had got Paul to predict who would be Russia's next president -- but that the results would be kept secret until the election year of 2012.

Sea Life said Paul would live on as the object of a host of commercial enterprises ranging from special clothing lines to mobile phone applications inspired by his fame in Oberhausen, one of Germany's most cash-strapped cities.

Meanwhile, donations made in honour of Paul's achievements would help to fund a planned permanent rescue centre for sea turtles on the Greek island of Zakynthos, Sea Life said.

The sealife centre will soon replace the British-born aquarium dweller with another octopus, also to be named Paul.