Notes on forex.

Foreign exchange or most common called Forex now become very popular in the world. Many people have joined this kind of market to get higher income by trading the currency. Inside this market actually will be many tricky conditions that may be to complicated and difficult to understand and especially for newbie. Gathering the information also can be very difficult after you join this market if you don’t know the trick. For that reason, for you new players in this market should have good ability and deeper understanding before you join. Money can make money, yes this is can happen in Forex. You can buy money and sell it again with your own price.

You can gain information about this Forex in many places actually. For instance, you can go to In this website you are able to read and learn information about Forex. You can get more information that you can call as Forex notes. Those Forex notes will be very useful for you before you join the real Forex. You can read article about real estate and correlation about Forex. And may be you wishing to read the impact of Forex to your business. All Forex notes are available for you to be your best information. In this market, information will be very important. If you missed any single information you can loose and bankrupt.

Beside the Forex notes, you can also get the link for several important website for example Global Forex Trading and Forex Trading Free Demo. Or may be you still having no idea about what and how you can join Forex. All those information will be available from this website. Just open this website now; get more information about Forex, Forex notes and try the demo if you want to feel the how is Forex will be.

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Forex trading tips.

Forex has caused large losses to many inexperienced and undisciplined traders over the years. You need not be one of the losers. Here are twenty forex trading tips that you can use to avoid disasters and maximize your potential in the currency exchange market.
1. Know yourself. Define your risk tolerance carefully. Understand your needs.
To profit in trading, you must make recognize the markets. To recognize the markets, you must first know and recognize yourself. The first step of gaining self-awareness is ensuring that your risk tolerance and capital allocation to forex and trading are not excessive or lacking. This means that you must carefully study and analyze your own financial goals in engaging forex trading.

2. Plan your goals. Stick to your plan.
Once you know what you want from trading, you must systematically define a timeframe and a working plan for your trading career. What constitutes failure, what would be defined as success? What is the timeframe for the trial and error process that will inevitably be an important part of your learning? How much time can you devote to trading? Do you aim at financial independence, or merely aim to generate extra income? These and similar questions must be answered before you can gain the clear vision necessary for a persistent and patient approach to trading. Also, having clear goals will make it easier to abandon the endeavor entirely in case that the risks/return analysis precludes a profitable outcome.

3. Choose your broker carefully.
While this point is often neglected by beginners, it is impossible to overemphasize the importance of the choice of broker. That a fake or unreliable broker invalidates all the gains acquired through hard work and study is obvious. But it is equally important that your expertise level, and trading goals match the details of the offer made by the broker. What kind of client profile does the forex broker aim at reaching? Does the trading software suit your expectations? How efficient is customer service? All these must be carefully scrutinized before even beginning to consider the intricacies of trading itself.Please refer to our forex broker reviews to find a reliable broker that suites your trading style.

4. Pick your account type, and leverage ratio in accordance with your needs and expectations.
In continuation of the above item, it is necessary that we choose the account package that is most suited to our expectations and knowledge level. The various types of accounts offered by brokers can be confusing at first, but the general rule is that lower leverage is better. If you have a good understanding of leverage and trading in general, you can be satisfied with a standard account. If you’re a complete beginner, it is a must that you undergo a period of study and practice by the use of a mini account. In general, the lower your risk, the higher your chances, so make your choices in the most conservative way possible, especially at the beginning of your career.

5. Begin with small sums, increase the size of your account through organic gains, not by greater deposits.
One of the best tips for trading forex is to begin with small sums, and low leverage, while adding up to your account as it generates profits. There is no justification to the idea that a larger account will allow greater profits. If you can increase the size of your account through your trading choices, perfect. If not, there’s no point in keeping pumping money to an account that is burning cash like an furnace burns paper.

6. Focus on a single currency pair, expand as you better your skills.
The world of currency trading is deep and complicated, due to the chaotic nature of the markets, and the diverse characters and purposes of market participants. It is hard to master all the different kinds of financial activity that goes on in this world, so it is a great idea to restrict our trading activity to a currency pair which we understand, and with which we are familiar. Beginning with the trading of the currency of your nation can be a great idea. If that’s not your choice, sticking to the most liquid, and widely traded pairs can also be an excellent practice for both the beginner and the advanced traders.

7. Do what you understand.
Simple as it is, failure to abide by this principle has been the doom of countless traders. In general, if you’re unsure that you know what you’re doing, and that you can defend your opinion with strength and vigor against critics that you value and trust, do not trade. Do not trade on the basis of hearsay or rumors. And do not act unless you’re confident that you understand both the positive consequences, and the adverse results that may result from opening a position.

8. Do not add to a losing position.
While this is just common sense, ignorance of the principle, or carelessness in its employment has caused disasters to many traders in the course of history. Nobody knows where a currency pair will be heading during the next few hours, days, or even weeks. There are lots of educated guesses, but no knowledge of where the price will be a short while later. Thus, the only certain value about trading is now. Nothing much can be said about the future. Consequently, there can be no point in adding to a losing position, unless you love gambling. A position in the red can be allowed to survive on its own in accordance with the initial plan, but adding to it can never be an advisable practice.

9. Restrain your emotions.
Greed, excitement, euphoria, panic or fear should have no place in traders’ calculations. Yet traders are human beings, so it is obvious that we have to find a way of living with these emotions, while at the same time controlling them and minimizing their effect on our lives. That is why traders are always advised to begin with small amounts. By reducing our risk, we can be calm enough to realize our long term goals, reducing the impact of emotions on our trading choices. A logical approach, and less emotional intensity are the best forex trading tips necessary to a successful career.

10. Take notes. Study your success and failure.
An analytical approach to trading does not begin at the fundamental and technical analysis of price trends, or the formulation of trading strategies. It begins at the first step taken into the career, with the first dollar placed in an open position, and the first mistakes in calculation and trading methods. The successful trader will keep a diary, a journal of his trading activity where he carefully scrutinizes his mistakes and successes to find out what works and what does not. This is one of the most importance forex trading tips that you will get from a good mentor.

11. Automate your trading as much as possible.
We already noted the importance of emotional control in ensuring a successful and profitable career. In order to minimize the role of emotions, one of the best of courses of action would be the automatization of trading choices and trader behavior. This is not about using forex robots, or buying expensive technical strategies. All that you need to do is to make sure that your responses to similar situations and trading scenarios are themselves similar in nature. In other words, don’t improvise. Let your reactions to market events follow a studied and tested pattern.

12. Do not rely on forex robots, wonder methods, and other snake oil products.
Surprisingly, these unproven and untested products are extremely popular these days, generating great profits for their sellers, but little in the way of gains for their excited and hopeful buyers. The logical defense against such magical items is in fact easy. If the genius creators of these tools are so smart, let them become millionaires with the benefit of their inventions. If they have no interest in doing as much, you should have no interest in their creations either.

13. Keep it simple. Both your trade plans and analysis should be easily understood and explained.
Forex trading is not rocket science. There is no expectation that you be a mathematical genius, or an economics professor to acquire wealth in currency trading. Instead, clarity of vision, and well-defined, carefully observed goals and practices offer the surest path to a respectable career in forex. To achieve this, you must resist the temptation to overexplain, overanalyze, and most importantly, to rationalize your failures. A failure is a failure regardless of the conditions that led to it.

14. Don’t go against the markets, unless you have enough patience and financial resilience to stick to a long term plan.
In general, a beginner is never advised to trade against trends, or to pick tops and bottoms by betting against the main forces of market momentum. Join the trends so that your mind can relax. Fight the trends, and constant stress and fear will wreck your career.

15. Understand that forex is about probabilities.
Forex is all about risk analysis and probability. There is no single method or style that will generate profits all the time. The key to success is positioning ourselves in such a way that the losses are harmless, while the profits are multiplied. Such a positioning is only possible by managing our risk allocations in accordance with an understanding of probability and risk management.

16. Be humble and patient. Do not fight the markets.
Recognize your failures, and try to accommodate them if they can’t be eliminated completely. Above all, resist the illusion that you somehow possess the alchemist’s stone of trading. Such an attitude will surely be ruinous on your career eventually.

17. Share your experiences. Follow your own judgment.
While it is a great idea to discuss your opinion on the markets with others, you should be the one making the decisions. Consider the opinions of others, but make your own choices. It is your money after all.

18. Study money management.

Once we make profits, it is time to protect them. Money management is about the minimization of losses, and maximization of profits. To ensure that you don’t gamble away your hard-earned profits, to “cut your losses short, and let profits ride”, you should keep the bible of money management as the centerpiece of your trading library at all times.

Forex exchange market

The foreign exchange market (forex, FX, or currency market) is a global, worldwide decentralized over-the-counter financial market for trading currencies. Financial centers around the world function as anchors of trading between a wide range of different types of buyers and sellers around the clock, with the exception of weekends. The foreign exchange market determines the relative values of different currencies.
[1]The primary purpose of the foreign exchange is to assist international trade and investment, by allowing businesses to convert one currency to another currency. For example, it permits a US business to import British goods and pay Pound Sterling, even though the business's income is in US dollars. It also supports speculation, and facilitates the carry trade, in which investors borrow low-yielding currencies and lend (invest in) high-yielding currencies, and which (it has been claimed) may lead to loss of competitiveness in some countries.
[2]In a typical foreign exchange transaction, a party purchases a quantity of one currency by paying a quantity of another currency. The modern foreign exchange market began forming during the 1970s when countries gradually switched to floating exchange rates from the previous exchange rate regime, which remained fixed as per the Bretton Woods system.
The foreign exchange market is unique because ofits huge trading volume, leading to high liquidity;

its geographical dispersion;

its continuous operation: 24 hours a day except weekends, i.e. trading from 20:15 GMT on Sunday until 22:00 GMT Friday;
the variety of factors that affect exchange rates;
the low margins of relative profit compared with other markets of fixed income; and
the use of leverage to enhance profit margins with respect to account size.
As such, it has been referred to as the market closest to the ideal of perfect competition, notwithstanding currency intervention by central banks. According to the Bank for International Settlements,[3] as of April 2010, average daily turnover in global foreign exchange markets is estimated at $3.98 trillion, a growth of approximately 20% over the $3.21 trillion daily volume as of April 2007. Some firms specializing on foreign exchange market had put the average daily turnover in excess of US$4 trillion.[4]
The $3.98 trillion break-down is as follows:
$1.490 trillion in spot transactions
$475 billion in outright forwards
$1.765 trillion in foreign exchange swaps
$43 billion currency swaps
$207 billion in options and other products

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Forex Nnew Trader

Forex News Trader
How do the majority of profitable Forex traders truly profit in the Forex market? One way… they trade the news! Forex News Trader was developed to give traders the edge they need to learn how to trade based on economic news events from around the world. The same edge the institutions use to make hundreds of millions and even billions of dollars in profit each year.

Forex News Trading will provide you with the information you need to give you a true insider’s understanding of the Forex markets. You will feel confident in your trading, and never doubt your trades again. Does this mean you will win every trade? No, of course not, but armed with the knowledge Forex News Trader will provide you, you will never be afraid to take that next trade – as the odds will now be tipped in your favor.

Each and every month there are a tremendous number of news releases for the Off Exchange Retail Foreign Currency Market (FOREX). Many of these events and announcements move the markets considerably. But how do you properly capitalize on these moves? Get it wrong and you could be wiped out. Get it right and you can be in a small group of trading elite, consistently pulling pips out of the market each and every week.
Here is a look at what good Forex Trading Signals can do for you. Get more information on how you can get 70 PIPS in ONE Second. Our Forex Trading goal is to provide our visitors with the best trading strategies available. We work exclusively with Forex brokers who specialize in news trading, and also include extensive reviews on the best in the business. Any relevant and helpful information related to Forex news trading can be found on this site.There are many trading methods that exist to help you succeed as a trader, but there also many factors you need to consider before you execute your trades. Each news event moves differently. What we do is provide you with techniques and systems on how to trade these major news events. How can you maximize your gains and limit your loses? Not easily done, unless you truly know what you are doing.

Forex News Trader will teach you the moves you need to make. In volatile or fast moving markets, such as news trading events, it is imperative to be completely focused and on top of your game. You need to constantly learn new styles and techniques if you want to stay ahead.Whether you profit, or end up like the other 95% of traders, depends on your ability, knowledge, patience, and how the market moves that day. With such a large world market there are numerous opportunities to pull profits on a consistent basis.

If you’ve spent thousands of dollars to learn strategies that do not work – you are not alone. In fact, in a recent poll of over 5,000 active traders, the majority have spent over $3,500 on education. Some people drop more money into Forex courses then into their own trading account. We offer insider strategies that will give you a huge edge to succeed in the Forex market. You can also learn our Forex Trading Systems and expand your wealth even further. Here is a look at one of our Forex trading videos on YouTube.

Forex Signals
Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned trader, we have a service to fit your needs. Do you have a hard time understanding when to get in the market, or is your exit points that need help? There are hundreds of forex signals services on the market, but most are not worth a dime. We only work with the best. We screen them with the strictest parameters – ensuring their performance is real. Our latest review on Oracle Trader has given hope to 1000′s of trader’s who have been struggling.

These signal providers may send signals by e-mail, voice, cell phone, or a live trading room. We will provide you with a list of the best Forex services available to best suit your trading needs.Some traders prefer an auto trade type of system which does the trading for you, like FX-System Center, an excellent way to go. We work with a number of providers of auto-trade services which include state of the art software that will execute trades in the Forex market for you. You can learn to trade many different styles throughout the trading day. You can join live chat sessions with live calls in voice chat rooms with professional traders and learn how to trade the Forex market yourself. The options are all available, and now you know where to look.

Forex Brokers
Finding the right Forex Broker may be the difference in coming out ahead in the long run. FX brokers are your sole connection in this huge market and you have to put a lot of faith in them. We provide you with the top forex brokers and broker reviews to help you decide during this selection process. A new broker we want you to consider is, which puts a whole new feel on the Forex Broker business.

Forex Rebates

What are Forex Rebates? FX Rebates are a payout for the volume of trading you run through your Forex Broker. These rebates can add up to a significant amount capital if you are trading in the Forex Market. If you are going to trade, you might as well get paid to trade. You are going to pay a spread or commission either way you look at it, so it only makes sense to earn Forex Rebates as you continue your trading.

Weekly Forex News
Using the videos created by FXDD, we will try to provide you with weekly videos of future events as well as provide you with the daily events when necessary. This will give you, the trader more information to help you. Each video will represent a week or day depending on which is available. At least this way you can come back to one spot for all your Forex video needs. Continue to Weekly Forex News.

How to Develop a Profitable Trading System

5 Step to develop a profitable forex trading system !!!

Step 1: Select a market and a timeframe 
Step 2: Define entry rules 
Step 3: Define exit rules 
Step 4: Evaluate your system 
Step 5: Improving the system

Let’s take a closer look at these steps.

Step 1: Select a market and a timeframe
Every market and every timeframe can be traded with a system. But if you want to look at 50 different futures markets and 6 major timeframes (e.g. 5min, 10min, 15min, 30min, 60min and daily), then you need to evaluate 300 possible options. Here are some hints on how to limit your choices:
• Though you can trade every futures markets, I recommend that you stick to the electronic markets (e.g. e-mini S&P and other indices, Treasury Bonds and Notes, Currencies, etc). Usually these markets are very liquid, and you won’t have a problem entering and exiting a trade. Another advantage of electronic markets is lower commissions: Expect to pay at least half the commissions you pay on non-electronic markets. Sometimes the difference can be as high as 75%.
• When you select a smaller timeframes (less than 60min) your average profit per trade is usually comparably low. On the other hand you get more trading opportunities. When trading on a larger timeframe your profits per trade will be bigger, but you will have less trading opportunities. It’s up to you to decide which timeframe suits you best.
• Smaller timeframes mean smaller profits, but usually smaller risk, too. When you are starting with a small trading account, then you might want to select a small timeframe to make sure that you are not overtrading your account.
Most profitable trading systems use larger timeframes like daily and weekly, but be prepared for less trading action and bigger drawdowns.

Step 2: Define entry rules
Let’s simplify the myths of “entry rules”: Basically there are 2 different kinds of entry setups:
• Trend-following: When prices are moving up, you buy, and when prices are going down, you sell.
• Swing-trading: When prices are trading at an extreme (e.g. upper band of a channel), you sell, and you try to catch the small move while prices are moving back into “normalcy”. The same applies for selling.
In my opinion swing trading is actually one of the best trading styles for the beginning trader to get his or her feet wet. By contrast, trend trading offers greater profit potential if a trader is able to catch a major market trend of weeks or months, but few are the traders with sufficient discipline to hold a position for that period of time without getting distracted.
Most indicators that you will find in your charting software belong to one of these two categories: You have either indicators for identifying trends (e.g. Moving Averages) or indicators that define overbought or oversold situations and therefore offer you a trade setup for a short term swing trade.
So don’t become confused by all the possibilities of entering a trade. Just make sure that you understand why you are using a certain indicator or what the indicator is measuring. An example of a simple swing trading strategy can be found in the next chapter.

Step 3: Define exit rules
Let’s keep it simple here, too: There are two different exit rules you want to apply:
• Stop Loss Rules to protect your capital and
• Profit Taking Exits to realize your profits
Both exit rules can be expressed in four ways:
• A fixed dollar amount (e.g. $1,000)
• A percentage of the current price (e.g. 1% of the entry price)
• A percentage of the volatility (e.g. 50% of the average daily movement) or
• A time stop (e.g. exit after 3 days)
I don’t recommend using a fixed dollar amount, because markets are too different. For example, natural gas changes an average of a few thousand dollars per day per contract; however, Eurodollars change an average of a few hundred dollars a day per contract. You need to balance and normalize this difference when developing a trading system and testing it on different markets. That’s why you should always use percentages for stops and profit targets (e.g. 1% stop) or a volatility stop instead of a fixed dollar amount.
A time stop gets you out of a trade if it is not moving in any direction, therefore freeing your capital for other trades.

Step 4: Evaluate your system
The first figure to look for is the net profit. Obviously you want your system to generate profits. But don’t be frustrated when during the development stage your trading system shows a loss; try to reverse your entry signals. On our website you already learned that trading is a zero sum game: So if you are going long at a certain price level, and you lose, then try to go short instead. Many times this is the easiest way to turn a losing system into a winning one.
The next figure you want to look at is the average profit per trade. Make sure this number is greater than slippage and commissions, and that it makes your trading worthwhile. Trading is all about risk and reward, and you want to make sure you get a decent reward for your risk.
Take a look at the Profit Factor (Gross Profit / Gross Loss). This will tell you how many dollars you are likely to win for every dollar you lose. The higher the profit factor the better the system. A system should have a profit factor of 1.5 or more, but watch out when you see profit factors above 3.0, because it might be that you over-optimized the system.
Here are some more characteristics you might want to consider besides the net profit of a system:
• Winning percentage many profitable trading systems achieve a nice net profit with a rather small winning percentage, sometimes even below 30%. These systems follow the principle “Cut your losses short and let your profits run”. However, YOU need to decide whether you can stand 7 losers and only 3 winners in 10 trades. If you want to be “right” most of the time, then you should pick a system with a high winning percentage. . .
• Number of Trades per Month Do you need daily action? If you want to see something happening every day, then you should pick a trading system with a high number of trades per month. Many profitable trading systems generate only 2-3 trades per month, but if you are not patient enough to wait for it, then you should select a system with a higher trading frequency. .
• Average Time in Trade some people get really nervous when they are in a trade. I have heard of people who can’t even sleep at night when they have an open position. If that’s you, then you should make sure that the average time in a trade is as short as possible. You might want to choose a system that does not hold any positions overnight. .
• Maximum Drawdown A famous trader once said: “If you want your system to double or triple your account, you should expect a drawdown of up to 30% on your way to trading riches.” Not every trader can stand a 30% drawdown. Look at the maximum drawdown the system produced so far, and double it. If you can stand this drawdown, then you found the right system. Why doubling? Remember: your worst drawdown is always ahead of you. .
• Most consecutive losses the amount of most consecutive losses has a huge impact on your trading, especially when you are using certain types of money management techniques. Five or six consecutive losses can cause you a lot of trouble when using an aggressive money management. In addition this number will help you to determine whether you have enough discipline to trade the system: Will you still trade the system after you have experienced 10 losses in a row? It’s not unusual for a profitable trading system to have 10-12 losses in a row.
Step 5: Improving your system
There is a difference between “improving” and “curve-fitting” a system. You can improve your system by testing different exit methods: If you are using a fixed stop, try a trailing stop instead. Add a time stop and evaluate the results again. Don’t look only at the net profit; look also at the profit factor, average profit per trade and maximum drawdown. Many times you will see that the net profit slightly decreases when you add different stops, but the other figures might improve dramatically.
Don’t fall into the trap of over-optimizing: You can eliminate almost all losers by adding enough rules. Example: If you see that on Tuesdays you had more losers than on the other weekdays, you might be tempted to add a “filter” that prevents your system from entering trades on Tuesdays. Next you find that in January you had much worse results than in other months, so you add a filter that enters trades only from February – December. You add more and more filters to avoid losses, and eventually you end up with a trading rule that I saw recently:
IF FVE > -1 And Regression Slope (Close , 35) / Close.35 * 100 > -.35 And Regression Slope (Close , 35) / Close.35 * 100 < .4 And Regression Slope (Close , 70) / Close.70 * 100 > -.4 And Regression Slope (Close , 70) / Close.70 * 100 < .4 And Regression Slope (Close , 170) / Close.170 * 100 > -.2 And MACD Diff (Close , 12 , 26 , 9) > -.003 And Not Tuesday And Not DayOfMonth = 12 and not Month = August and Time > 9:30 

Choosing A Forex broker

What to look for in an online Forex 

1. Low Spreads.
In Forex Trading the ‘spread’ is the difference between the buy and sell price of any given currency pair. The lower the spread saves the trader money. Most firms offer 4-5 pip spreads in the Major Currency pairs. The best firms offer clients 3-5 pips.

2. Low minimum account openings.
For those that are new to trading, and for those that don’t have thousands of dollars in risk capital to trade, being able to open a mini trading account with only $200 is a great feature for new traders.

3. Instant automatic execution of your orders.
This is very important when choosing a Forex firm. You want instant execution of your orders and the price you see and ‘click’ is the price that you should get. Don’t settle with a firm that re-quotes you when
you click on a price or a firm that allows for price ‘slippage’. This is very important when trading for small profits.

4. Free charting and technical analysis
You need a firm that gives you access to the best charting and technical analysis available to active traders. The firm that I recommend gives clients FREE professional charting services and even allows traders to trade directly on the charts!

5. High Leverage
You want high leverage—the ability to trade a large amount with a small margin deposit. Some of the best firms offer .25% or 400:1 leverage.

6. Hedging Capability
You want the flexibility of opening positions on the same currency pair in opposite directions without them eliminating each other and without margin increase!

My Recommendation

I myself have been using marketiva due to their simple,good looking and user friendly platform.They also offer reasonable spreads and accept funding and withdrawal in e-gold currency.

If you are looking broker which has a simple platform, I recommend :


Hi all,
If you are looking for a simple forex trading system but has a proven good result, so here it is.Read this article, test it in your demo account, and then see the result.I don't know who you are and how good is your forex knowledge and experience.I pretty confident, you too will get a good result just applying this single technique.

Believe me,this system is very simple, even simplest compared with other system I tested.If you are like me, love a KISS ( keep it simple, stupid !) method,you will love this system very..very..much.And best of all, IT IS FREE OF CHARGE!

Like many trading vehicles, Forex reacts well to news. Given that plenty of news items are scheduled for release at set times, it stands to reason that we should be able to trade those reactions.

Why Trade News?
To make money in the market, we need whatever we are trading to move - either up or down. As markets spend a lot of time going sideways, any warning of impending movement is a good thing - we can be prepared to trade that movement rather than wait around all day in the hope that something might happen.Regular news releases give us perfect warning of impending potential movement, because they are scheduled for set times throughout the day, and many occur regularly - weekly or monthly.Anything that happens with regularity can be used to base a trading method on. 

What News To Trade?
There’s a lot to choose from, but clearly the type of news we want to trade will depend on the currency pair(s) we are watching. If you play the US Dollar crosses then US releases such as the Non-Farm Payrolls or Weekly Jobless figures will be the ones to watch. The more you watch the markets at news release times, the more you will get a feel for which regular releases are 'market-moving'. Subscription services like can help too, in grading news items by their market-moving ability. 

A Simple News Trade

Here is a simple but very effective way to trade the news - it can be tailored to an individual trader's style and risk profile as required.Using a 15 minute chart, wait for the news release, and do nothing for the remainder of the 15 minute bar immediately following.In this example chart, which shows Cable (GBP/USD) at the time of the Weekly Jobless claims figure -? announced on Thursday mornings at 8:30 EST, we see that the 8:30 bar (highlighted) shows some volatility as the market makes its initial reaction.At the start of the next 15 minute bar (8:45 in this example), we simply go Long if the previous bar closed Up (i.e. was a blue candle) or Short if the previous bar closed Down (i.e. was a red candle). The idea is that by the first 15 minutes, the market has had time to digest the information and make up its mind about a direction.The final direction after this 15 minute period tends to carry through in at least the next bar.

In the example here, we would have taken a short at the start of the 8:45 bar, with a tight stop - we are looking for quick follow through so if that doesn't happen we want to be out with minimum loss.Exiting point for a profit is discretionary; one possible method is to use a break of the previous bar, which in this example would have netted us a quick low-risk 25 pips.If we traded other currency pairs at the same time, clearly we could have taken more pips out of the market.

There is one caveat to this trade: if the initial 15 minute bar at the time of the news release moves a long way in one direction very quickly (more than 100 pips, say), 
we would walk away and leave the trade - it's already made the move and further follow through is unlikely.

This is a simple setup, but a remarkably effective one. To get the best from it, a trader should ideally be watching several currency pairs - not all of them will follow through - so watching more gives a better chance of picking up some big winners.

My Forex Trading System .

FX10 [5 minute or 10 minute chart] Day Trading Method

Hi all,

Please read carefully to this post. I am about to reveal my forex trading systemwhich I have been using for years and successfully generate money to my pocket.

I found this strategy in 2005 and until today it has been generate good result.This system is created by Erol Bortucene,President of Forex Research Corp.this is a simple and effective trend following method for any major exchange rate. I hope you can adapt this strategy to suit your trading style.

5 minute Chart Set-up

Description: An intra day trend following trading method, using the following indicators:
• 10 period WMA (Weighted Moving Average)
• 20 period SMA (Simple Moving Average)
• Slow Stochastic (10,6,6 (exponential))
• RSI (28)
• MACD (24/52/18 (exponential))

Rules: Only take trades between 8AM-12PM EST and/or 2AM-4AM EST. 

BUY the exchange rate when the 10 WMA crosses up past the 20 SMA and the Stochastic is signaling up (fast line above the slow line), RSI > 50 and the MACD histogram >0 and MACD averages crossed up.

SELL the exchange rate when the 10 WMA crosses down past the 20 SMA and the

Stochastic is signaling down (fast line below slow line), RSI<50 and the MACD histogram <0 and MACD averages crossed down. Try and take profits at or near key levels: Try and take profits at exchange rates ending with 00, 20, 50, 80 e.g. EUR/USD 1.1980 Stop-Loss Level: discretionary

Screen shots:
EUR/USD Buy signal[below]

GBP/USD Sell signal[below]

10 Minute Chart Set-up

To set this method up with 10 minute charts, simply use the same rules above, but change
the indicator values to the following:
• 5 period WMA (Weighted Moving Average)
• 10 period SMA (Simple Moving Average)
• Slow Stochastic (5,3,3 (exponential))
• RSI (14)
• MACD (12/26/9 (exponential))


Do 1-2 weeks testing in your demo account or until you get comfortable or good result before 
applying in your real account.

Prediction of Stocks

 Looking for a hot stock tip? Well, go through the messages in Twitter.
Twitter and microblogging can be an indicator of stock market movements, according to economists at the Technical University of Munich (TUM).They have developed a website that predicts individual stock trends by using automatic text analysis methods to evaluate thousands of daily tweets.On, current forecasts are available for all S and P 500 listed stocks.
The share price of a stock reflects investor and analyst opinions about its prospects and indicates whether positive or negative developments are on the horizon.The micoblogging platform Twitter has become an important medium for the exchange of such viewpoints.Thousands of stock-related messages are broadcasted every day via Twitter.
Twittering investors mark tweets according to company stock symbols.In a study, TUM economists showed that the sentiment from Twitter messages develops similar to the stock market and even leads by a day.They analyzed 250,000 Twitter messages written in a six-month period and related to S and P 500 listed companies.
The result: If an investor had oriented his share purchases according to the Twitter sentiment in the first half of 2010, he would have achieved an average rate of return of up to 15 percent."If a Twitter user often gives good stock recommendations, he will, as a rule, have more followers and will be 'retweeted' (i.e., quoted) more often by other users. 
Hereby, tweets with good recommendations are affirmed and receive greater weight in the overall analysis," said TUM economist Timm Sprenger.The study was the basis for the development of the website where the real-time sentiment for individual stocks can be accessed. (ANI)

Predictions Forex trading

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Master the Trading the Forex System

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Forex System

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This system consistently generates 83-157 pips ($830-$1570 in cash) per week.You'll discover simple, easy-to-understand, easy-to-use and astonishingly effective techniques that help you jump in and jump out of the market with razor-sharp accuracy. And accuracy means cash in your account.Here's a fact that only the best, most successful traders know about: You don't need complicated, confusing fundamental or technical analysis to trade successfully.Simple systems based on logical, scientifically-sound, and well-tested concepts have been working extremely well -- and will continue to do so for many, many years to come.You see, one of the most destructive myths in trading is... you need to forecast or predict the future to make money in the markets.

Nothing could be further from the truth.The fact is... trying to predict the future surely leads to frustration and costly failure. To be successful in trading, you only need to do two things:
  • Identify the trend
  • Join the trend with precise timing
The system that I’m going to share with you will do exactly these two things. First it gives you a simple way to identify the current trend. Second it helps you jump in the trend just when the time is right. That way, you'll maximize your wins, minimize your losses, and fatten your account.
Are you sick and tired of all those robots that promise to make you a fortune but lose all your money in just a couple of trades?

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There's so much hype nowadays that I find very hard and difficult to really know exactly what to expect when I buy a Forex product. They all seem to do wonders but the fact is 95% of all Forex traders lose money... And part of it goes to this lousy products, sold solely by professional marketers...

When I first started in Forex (I already had experience in stocks, futures and options), I tried to read all that I could so that I could understand this market. I searched all over the Internet and read almost all the free resources available... But they were so damn poor that I had to invest my money to buy forex courses, systems, ebooks and even automated systems. And so I did… One course this month, one ebook on the next, and so on…

I must tell you that, honestly, I have learned something with all the material I bought. I learned about the Forex market history, indicators to use, charting packages to use… All crap! I wasn’t a beginner in trading; I was only a beginner in Forex… When I tested the robots, well, the experience wasn't much better. I kept changing the inputs, the currency pairs, the time frames, tests after tests after tests, and nothing seemed to give me a good and consistent return...

I needed something that could give me an edge in this market. So, I started on my own. I analyzed charts plus charts plus charts, several indicators – one at the time or several at the same time -, kept track of the news releases to see how they affected the market, I even studied each currency pair deeply.

Well, as people usually say: Keep it simple! That’s my main conclusion from this long period that I spent understanding the Forex market. Keep reading and I’ll show you why… 

After this long period, I discovered some interesting facts and put them into action. What better thing to do this than opening a free forex demo account… That’s exactly what I did.

I saw that to be successful I had to keep it simple and look at the details. And, it took me a while to finally get it… But I finally did… And when I did…

I have always enjoyed to invest in the stock market. I hold some stocks for years, other for weeks or just days. You just need to know what you are investing in. 

That’s exactly what happens in the Forex market. There are some occasions that you feel like you have to day trade and others that you have to hold the currency pair for more time and obviously, more profit. That’s why I never liked automatic trading systems. Usually, they promise you everything but at the end, you just end up broke.
So, I had to have different systems – for day trading and for swing trading. I’m sure you already read about some systems that perform terrifically in any time frames. Well, look out! I have never seen any system (manual or automated) that works in any time frames.
I knew what I had to do and I did it. It took me several months to finally achieve what I wanted. Well, even more that I wanted… I developed not 1, not 2 but 16 different trading systems!