Is Forex Trading legal In India?

There has been a continuous debate on the legal aspects of Forex trading in India. But with the recent opening of the Forex office in India by Alpari (UK), We have now moved officially into the league of Forex trading nations.

Indians have a decade long history of Forex trading, under the guise of Capital accounts transactions, though RBI had banned remittance of Foreign exchange for Margin trading. RelianceMoney, which had a tieup with CMC markets, used to actively promote Forex trading by introducing Indians to their offshore partner. RelianceMoney gave the Indian retail investor an opportunity to participate in the Global financial market and revolutionised the concept of Forex trading. Contracts for Differences, or simply CFD as it is popularly known, was a modern approach to do trading on different exchange for Stocks, Commodities, Indices, Treasuries & ofcourse our Foreign Currency pairs.

Ever since Alpari (UK) launched its Indian operations formally in June 2009, the company is on a rapid expansion spree. Under a young CEO, Mr. Pramit Brahmbhatt, the Company plans to tap the almost unused trading domain of Forex by heavily investing on training the Indian minds on Forex and offering a lucrative alternative to the much popular Share trading.

Share trading cuts a sorry figure by focusing its investors on thousands of scrips listed on the exchange. But Forex trading focuses on a few curency pairs, thus avoiding confusion for the retail investor. Liquidity is not an issue for this 1.2 trillion dollar turnover a day market though this cannot be said about our Share market. The colossal size of the Forex market makes sure that no one can corner the market. This should give a sense of secured feeling for the Indian retail share investor who has been ruthlessly crushed under the act of manipulation.

With the advent of Internet, Forex trading offers unlimited opportunities to explore the financial markets. With no contraint on Time (24 hs X 5 days) & Space (can be traded anywhere with online facilities), Forex trading is seen as the future of Indian Financial trading scenario in the 21st century.


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