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Update: Is the Oil Spill Cap Working? [Live Video]

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(July 13) -- Across the country, Americans are anxiously awaiting the moment when they can see with their own eyes that the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill has finally, conclusively been stopped.

With live video feeds from 5,000 feet below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico focused on the Top Hat 10, BP's new and supposedly improved cap, it is hard not to notice that a column of oil continues to flow freely into the water. As the company is still in the process of slowly shutting down a series of valves, even if the cap proves effective that flowing oil could remain visible for some time to come.

As Surge Desk reported earlier today, even if the new cap works, it may not plug the leak. Rather, the Top Hat 10 is a temporary fix that will collect the oil -- in the best-case scenario, all the oil flowing into the gulf -- until a relief well can be completed.

BP says that its tests to determine the pressure within the well will take up to a day longer. Before then, it will be too early to say whether the new cap is more successful than the old one. Meanwhile, one estimate puts the number of gallons that have flowed into the gulf so far at roughly 91 million.

Here is live video of what's happening.

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