How to Apply for Google AdSense Account

  1. Google AdSense

    MAKE A PLAN. Going to the Google AdSense application page and filling in the information required is really the easiest part of the application process. But getting your application approved is a completely different story. It used to be a walk in the park to get an AdSense account approved, but not anymore. So before you submit your application, carefully plan your moves to make sure you will not get denied.

  2. eHow website

    BUILD PORTFOLIO. If you own a website or blog, then you might think that Google will approve your application instantly... wrong! The staffs at Google are very particular when it comes to checking the contents of a website. If it does not meet the criteria or if the contents do not have any potential growth or if they think it will not generate any traffic, then it is a candidate for denial. What's worst is that they will never let you know the concerns that they saw. They will simply email you with a general note saying you did not qualify. So it is advisable to establish your website first before attempting to apply for Google AdSense account.

    If you do not have a website, you can still apply for Google AdSense account by publishing contents to sites like eHow, Info Barrel, or Bukisa. Use your profile link as the URL when you fill in the application form. But you need to make sure that you have published more than enough contents before you apply for AdSense account. This increases your chance of getting approved.

  3. Traffic

    GENERATE TRAFFIC. Another important factor is the traffic generated by your website/blog or contents. If you do not have any subscribers or followers in your website or contents, chances are you will get denied. Once you get denied, it is more difficult to get approval the second time around. So you need to put in more time and efforts to promote your website/blog or contents to generate a steady traffic to increase its potential for income.

  4. Google AdSense Terms

    READ GOOGLE'S TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Do not read the terms and conditions after you submitted your application... read it before you even think about applying for an AdSense account. The usual reason for denial of application is not being able to meet Google's terms and conditions and there is actually handful of things to know. Make sure you have read and understand them before you finally send your application.

  5. Google AdSense application

    APPLY FOR ADSENSE ACCOUNT. Finally, go to Google AdSense application page and fill in the required information. Aside from the valid URL, you need to be at least 18 years old with a permanent mailing address. The application can take a couple of days before you receive an email from Google.


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