Top 10 Tips to Sell Your Website or Blog

If you plan to buy or sell a website, you have probably already heard about Flippa. It is the largest online marketplace for websites. Most people who list a website for sale there, but eventually sold for peanuts (for example, $ 100), or not at all sales.

Why? Most of the time the seller has not his homework. If you want your chances of sales (and profits), the 10 tips below will help you maximize.
1. Make your Money Making Website

This is the most important factor. Do you want a successful website to sell, the money. Even if your site has a huge circulation, quotation before monetizing that traffic would be a bad decision. You could sell, but the money you would receive would be far below the true value of the site.

If your website is making $ 50 or less per month, forget about selling it. Try to improve your traffic, increase your income to at least $ 300 a month, the proceeds stable, and then the. If $ 300 is from Google AdSense, for example, you can use the site to sell for less than $ 8,000. Obviously, the more you can grow your earnings before sale, the better. The $ 300 is just a ball park figure.

Remember that you need proof of income show that most buyers and revenue will be calculated as the average of the last four or six months.
2. Make sure your Google Analytics data

Most serious buyers to your Google Analytics data to see before an official offer. They will use this to check your traffic levels, and to ensure the pattern is consistent with the earnings claims.

Again, people will want to see return to the data for at least six months. If you are planning your site, so selling it would be wise to install Google Analytics at least six months before sale.
3. Work on your Trust Rating

Each member has a Flippa trust rating, and most buyers will check before their bid. In other words, the higher your confidence rating, the higher the chances of selling your website.

As a result you have all the actions that your confidence rating (eg, willing to improve Flippa connect your account with Facebook and LinkedIn, verify your phone number and so on).
4. The auction set length for 7 days

In my opinion, seven days is the optimal length for an auction on Flippa. With that length of time you can be sure that most buyers will your auction (eg who register during the week and those who register on weekends), you still see a sense of urgency to those interested to create.

Many people put the auction length for 30 days, and their auctions are not death. Many interested buyers will refrain from bidding, as there is enough time to go, others will not even see the auction and then completely forgotten, for the same reason.
5. Set a lower reserve / high minimum bid

If you have a low minimum auction you will receive the following message: "Bidding is open and Reserve met!" Bright green color. This is a great encouragement to potential buyers, and encourages them bid.

And do not worry about the site to sell for less than what you think it is worth. You can always set a high minimum bid. Apart from protecting you against low bids of this strategy will also filter out non-serious buyers.
6. A reasonable price BIN

The "Buy It Now" price is for a reason. It should enable a buyer who is very interested in your website to avoid a war and to protect the site to pay what you think is worth buying.

The problem is that most sellers an unrealistic idea about the value of their websites and make them so mad BIN prices. This is an off-line for potential buyers, because it signals that you have no idea what you're doing.

Ask a few friends what they think your website is worth, and set a reasonable price for the BIN.
7. Not Your Hype Description

The hype in your description, the more people think you are desperate to sell and that your website is not a solid one. Examples of comments that you should avoid are: "Great potential", "A unique opportunity", "My loss is your gain!".

Secondly, not guess how the website could earn. Some people list of websites that make $ 10 a month currently, and they will say: "This website has the potential to easily $ 4,000 a month". If you knew this for sure you do not sell the site for such a low price ....
8. Reply to every comment

Even if you have a crystal clear description of people have questions and they say through the comments section. It is important to answer every comment, because this will not only encourage the commenters to a bid, but it will also improve the overall credibility of your auction.

Second, do not delete a comment, unless you have a good reason to do so. Deleted comments are red flags Flippa, because usually they come from the sellers trying to hide something on their websites.
9. A plausible reason for the sale

One of the first things people will ask why you are selling. If there is no plausible reason, they will rightly assume that the site goes down hill, and you want to get in before it sucks.

In fact it would be a good idea for the reason for the sale of the description of the auction itself is included.
10. Need qualified buyers

If you want to learn a bid to get your auction, you can instantly invite qualified buyers. First browse through the market looking for websites that are similar to yours (or have open auctions).

Once you find one, look through the comments, and try to find users with a high credit rating of confidence to ask questions about the auction. These are qualified buyers, and you can send a message inviting them to view your auction.
Bonus Tip: Keep your auction on the Homepage

When creating your listing, the most important upgrade you can get is the offer featured on the front page "one. It costs $ 29, but the auction will give a lot of visibility, because most buyers browse Flippa front page first.

You can upgrade for the second time, once your auction dropped to the second page. This would be a good idea as after the first two or three days you still have not received a number of qualified bids.

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